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Dear Co-Op community, thank you for all your input.

At February’s First Friday, our team of Antioch University New England students asked you what factors are most important to you when making food purchasing decisions.  Through surveys and a ‘voting board’ display, you told us what you value most when it comes to your food.

It turns out that the majority of you who took our survey or cast a vote identified organic and your number one priority.   Locally made or grown products also seem to be important to many Co-op shoppers and when it comes to Health and Body Care, many of you are loyal to your trusted brands.  GMO-free products are important to many of you.

Our team also asked you to weigh in on how you want the Co-op to communicate with you about products in the store.  The vast majority of you say you want the Co-op to inform you about what is in the products you buy and most of you feel the Co-op is doing a good job providing you the information to make informed decisions.  Your responses indicate that the Co-op community envisions the Co-op playing an active role in informing you about products on its shelves and keeping you up to date on food issues.

What does all this mean to us?  We perceive that you are well educated about what you are eating, want to remain so, and look to the Co-op to be your partner in that effort.  We understand that you, the Co-op community, trust the Co-op and want it to provide you with materials that supplement food labels to create a more complete picture of store products.  Our intention is to use this information to begin to create materials to help people navigate the store and fulfill the Co-op’s role as you partner.


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