August Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus

Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus are both monthly highlights of local or regional cheese makers. Every month we participate in a specialty program to offer a variety of cheeses on sale to help shed more light on our wonderful selection of cheese artisans.

East Meadow

Artisan Cheddar Cheese
Buttery Cream, Slightly Sweet
Yellow, Green, Waxed Rind

This month’s Cave to Co-op is a wonderful sixty-day aged cheddar from Plymouth Artisan Cheese. Cheese-maker Jesse Werner speaks to the rich history of Vermont dairy by using a traditional process, paying homage to history in both the cheese’s flavor and appearance. Produced in the 125 year-old Plymouth Cheese Factory, the second oldest cheese-producing facility in Vermont, this cheddar doesn’t travel very far to the Co-op and offers a wide range of flavors and styles for a great local option. Check out their website to see all of Plymouth’s cheeses and learn more about how you can tour their facilities! Also take a peek at the Cave to Co-op webpage to discover more about East Meadow cheddar and view a selection of recipes for inspiration! 


Maplebrook Mozzarella

Hand Stretched Tradition
Vermont Milk Mozzarella
Versatile Pairings

Enjoy August’s Farm Focus option, a classic Mozzarella cheese, great for pairing and creating your favorite Italian recipes! This local Maplebrook Farm product is produced less than two hours away in Bennington, Vermont. Using 100% Vermont cow’s milk, reduced to a special blend of fat and proteins, is what gives this Mozzarella it’s rich and creamy flavor. When ready to be formed it is hand-pulled into that traditional handmade shape. Pair this cheese with Vegetaball’s pesto or Mitchell’s Bruschetta spread atop a King Arthur baguette for a hearty snack or starter to your summer meal! Looking for some inspiration? Take a peek at some simple but tasty Mozzarella recipes!

Find both of these products in our cheese case and take advantage of the Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus deals until the end of August!



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