The Board of Directors

BoD_June 2015

Upper Valley Food Co-op Board of Directors; Back to Front, Left to Right: Eric Dicke, Ray Brewster, (Board Recorder, Larissa Banwell), Susan Hoffman, Kye Cochran, Kerry Rosenthal, Kaitlin Haskins, Elizabeth Feinberg, Don Kreis, Debbie Diegoli, Rio Pires ~ June 2015

2014-2015 Roster

  • Ray Brewster, Lyme, NH
  • Kye Cochran, Hartford, VT
  • Eric Dicke, Treasurer, Hartland, VT (stepping down from the Board)
  • Debbie Diegoli, President, Weathersfield, VT
  • Elizabeth Feinberg, White River Junction, VT
  • Kaitlin Haskins, Clerk, Sharon, VT (stepping down from the Board)
  • Susan Hoffman, Chelsea, VT
  • Charlotte Hultquist, Vice President Hartford, VT
  • Don Kreis, Hartland, VT
  • Rachel Obbard, Hartland, VT
  • Rio Pires, Thetford, VT
  • Kerry Rosenthal, Taftsville, VT

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Election 2015

The Upper Valley Food Co-op board of directors may fill up to 12 seats. Seven members are continuing their three-year term, therefore, we have five open seats. Three additional board members are up for reelection and three brand new candidates are running for election this year.

Vote for up to FIVE of candidates.

Candidates must receive votes from at least 25% of the members casting ballots in order to win a seat on the board. Please cast your ballot at the annual meeting, mail it to the co-op or drop it off at the store by 5 pm on Friday, October 2nd.

Cat Buxton Cat Buxton

I’m a lifelong gardener, activist, and lover of food, soil and co-ops! I like to teach, organize, inspire, and encourage cooperation and systems-based thinking. I’ve served on committees and boards (including UVFC), and currently run a consulting business working to improve food systems. The UVFC is the heart of community and a driver of our local economy. I look forward to sharing my skills and enthusiasm to help build an even stronger and resilient community for the next generations.


Lydia Carr Lydia Carr

I grew up in Woodstock, VT, and after a number of years working and studying in other states, I returned to VT with  my husband (a teacher) and two children in 2013. My third child was born in 2014. We came back to VT from Boston to root our family in a vibrant community and to foster a connection to the land and to our food. We have enjoyed a CSA from a local farm as well as getting meat and milk directly from farmers. We love shopping at the Co-op, where local products are featured. I look forward to having the opportunity to be more involved in the Co-op community. 


Kye Cochran Kye Cochran*

I grew up in Cape Cod in the 1950’s and 60’s, and spent much of my formative years (in my 20’s and 30’s) in Montana, with organizations that are fighting coal development and promoting renewable energy and organic farming. My husband and I moved to VT in 1985, to a farm bought by my grandparents in 1940. We raised beef cattle, turkeys and chickens, and also 3 kids. Our two boys and a daughter-in-law have moved back to the farm in recent years to help us develop it into a working homestead.

I began work at the UVFC in 1987, and feel that the Co-op plays a vital role in the transition of the Upper Valley Community to an area resilient to today’s threats of climate change, a struggling economy and more expensive fossil energy. I retired from my work as Education and Outreach manager in 2012, and have served on the Board since then.


Kate Duersterberg

I moved to the Upper Valley from Burlington in 2000. At that time, my husband and I took over the management of Cedar Circle Farm. After transitioning the farm to an organic operation, we started an Ag Education Center at the farm. There is a farmstand on site. Our CSA now has almost 200 members. We go to 4 Farmers Markets. We started a commercial kitchen 5 years ago. We say that Cedar Circle is an organic farm with a social mission. We engage the community to develo and share practices that promote regenerative agriculture, good health, and a resource-rich environment. 

Prior to coming to the Upper Valley, I lived in Burlington and worked at UVM. I was privileged to help start the UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture. While there, my colleagues and I organized farming techniques, calling upon experienced farmers as teachers. I also worked with the Women’s Agricultural Network at UVM and the Sustainable Cotton Project (as managing director) in California. My first job in VT was as sustainable ag program coordinator at Rural Vermont. 

I have worked all my adult life to promote local, organic farming — from the perspective of policy advocate, community organizer, institutional change advocate, and farm manager. I would like to have the opportunity to also learn more about how a community food cooperative operates. I hope that I have some experience to offer the Upper Valley Food Coop as well. 


Charlotte Hultquist Charlotte Hultquist*

I live in White River Junction with my husband and children. It’s been a great pleasure to serve on the UVFC board for the past 3 years, and as vice president for the past year. We’re fortunate to live in this area where food is grown with care, and the Co-op does a fabulous job of making this food accessible. My time is spent in part-time counseling and mentoring work, and also homeschooling my kids. Bringing people into greater health (physically, mentally and emotionally) is a big focus of my life. I love to teach people how to leave the conventional American diet and how to prepare healthy foods, and I aspire to one day be a homeopath, herbalist, or both!


Rachel Obbard Rachel Obbard*

I’ve been connected to the UVFC since 2009 – first as a Member, then as a Super Worker, then as Staff, and since 2012 as a Board member. The thing I’ve most enjoyed – besides the commaraderie of the wonderful people who work here – is the feeling that I’m part of an effort to strengthen the health and resiliency of the Upper Valley.  Those of us who spend time here realize that UVFC is so much more than a grocery store. Yes, it’s a sure source of healthy food, but its also a place to get great advice, find information and support for a sustainable lifestyle, and spend time with neighbors. As a Board member, I enjoy being a part of the cooperative economy and helping the UVFC continually improve and address our challenges. And I love connecting with our community on First Fridays.

*up for reelection


Upper Valley Food Cooperative Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month, on the second floor of the Co-op from 6:00-8pm.

All Members are welcome!

Board Meeting Minutes

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