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Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

Experience Cheese Hand-Made from Jersey Cow’s Milk Supple with Stout Washed Rind Try this month’s Cave to Co-op options Experience from Consider Bardwell Farm. Located in West Pawlet Vermont, this local cheese company is one of the oldest cheese making co-ops in Vermont. Enjoy Experience cheese on your next cheese plate or incorporate it in […]

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November Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

Enjoy Vermont Creamery Double-Cream Cremont, November’s Cave to Co-op special! Made with aged cow and goat milk, this luscious cheese is perfect for any cheese board for your holiday entertaining. Pair this creamy cheese with your favorite crusty bread and fig jam. Try a savory pairing by following the recipes from Neighboring Food Co-op Association.  November’s […]

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Ice Tea Day!

Ice Tea Day is right around the corner! Celebrate Ice Tea Day Friday, June 10th, at  the Co-op! Enjoy a sampling of homemade Ice Tea beverages, in the afternoon, from noon-2pm. Later on, try some Honest Tea samples at our demo station, from 4-6pm. Enter to win a free Ice Tea raffle and pick up some […]

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Macaroon vs. Macaron

Today is Macaroon Day! This is not to be confused with the French pastry Macaron. While the base ingredients are similar (eggs), and the origin of the word Macaroon and Macaron may be the same, what sets these two tasty treats apart is vastly different.  Don’t forget to stop by the Co-op on Tuesday, May 31st, between […]

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Sunscreen and Skin Care

It’s Sunscreen day next Friday, and to embrace this day of protecting your skin, the Co-op will be featuring a sunscreen product demo in the afternoon, followed by some make-your-own skin care recipes from 4-6pm. Find both of these demos located next to our cheese case on May 27th. If you can’t make it, the Co-op caries […]

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April carrots

April Harvest of the Month: Carrots

Carrots It’s April and that means CARROTS! Did you know carrots are rich in vitamin A and can supply over 100% of the recommended daily value in just one serving?! They also contain vitamin B6, vitamin K, and modest amounts of other essential nutrients. See the Harvest of the Month website for more fun facts […]

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Beets Rutabaga March HOM

Harvest of the Month: Beets & Rutabagas

  It’s March! We are at the end of our root cellar coffers. This is the time of year when we get creative with those last roots and anxiously await the spring greens that will bring us much needed fresh nutrients. In the meantime or in addition to our home sprouting operations we can turn […]

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