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Easy treats for everyone!

Holiday Turtles

Looking for a quick and easy activity to do with your family this holiday week? Try this Holiday Turtle recipe that is both kid friendly and ends with a tasty treat! Aside from the caramels and the coconut oil from my pantry the rest of the ingredients were purchased from the co-op’s bulk department. Follow the recipe […]

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Make Your own Warming Spices

It is starting to get a lot colder outside! Now is the perfect time to use our spices and stay warm while we hunker down for the winter! We already carry a blend of ready-made pumpkin spice to season with or you can make your own by following the recipes listed below. Blend together these powdered bulk goods and store […]

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Smoothie Recipes

Did you miss our Smoothie Program in July? Do you need a copy of that really yummy smoothie you tried in our store? Here are the recipes for all the smoothies we sampled last month. Enjoy! Amandas Greenie Celebration Chai Tai Cocoa-Tahini Fruit Smoothies Kim Wilson Green Tea-ni maca oat Mariahs Green Smoothie Mean Green […]

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