Everyday Bicycling with Vital Communities

With warm weather comes opportunities for creative transportation. A great way to move away from fossil fuels could involve a bit more muscle and bicycling can be a more efficient mode of transportation especially when covering long distances. Of the many perks that go along with biking one is the potential relaxation benefits through physical activity, provided you feel safe, and more importantly while on-the-road biking. This is where Vital Communities Everyday Bicycling series comes in. With varying lessons including an informational safety talk, teaching skills to maintain your bike, to an on-the-road tutorial offering confidence and experience while biking with traffic. As part of their summer schedule we will be offering workshops in the Co-op’s Classroom and outdoors. To learn more about Vital Communities’ resources on alternative modes of transportation visit their website or to register for their upcoming workshops. Find descriptions of Everyday Bicycling and On Street Bike Skills workshops from the Co-op’s Calendar. 

Be sure to note that participation in the On Street Bike Skills workshop is pending completion of Everyday Bicycling. We hope to see you at both workshops!

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