Feeling Peckish?

If you are in the mood for snacking then you will enjoy our latest sweet and savory products. A popular item we carry is Beanitos Baked, Mac N’ Cheese, version of a cheese doodle. The main ingredient of every Beanito product is made with the foundation of Beans. In addition to beans , this snack uses long grain rice rather than wheat, creating a great gluten free alternative.

Looking for a sweeter crunch? Enjoy Grounded Snacks’ Cinnamon Sugar chip produced by Lundberg Family Farms! Made with brown and red rice flour, and Quinoa as its base, this snack is also gluten free. Grounded Snacks makes an effort to produce products with all organic ingredients. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about their sustainable and environmental initiatives!

Maybe you are searching for an organic product that doesn’t need to be gluten free? Take a look at Nairn’s Oat Crackers. Using a blend of whole grain oats and oatbran this cracker packs a healthy punch that is full of high energy fiber. This cracker is a great choice for enjoying your sweet or savory toppings and dips!

Recently, we have brought in several new bars perfect for grab-and-go eating. One is Coffee Bar Mocha Latte by New Grounds Food. This coffee treat is both vegan and gluten free while combining two delicious ingredients, coffee and chocolate. We also brought in two new flavors of Sprouted Grow bars, Mint Chocolate, and Cinnamon Spice, by Go Raw. Made with a base of sprouted watermelon seeds. These bars offer a plant based protein snack that is both healthy and energy boosting.

When we think of snacking we usually think of something chewy or crunchy. A great snack can also be a smoothie blend, or juiced fruits and vegetables. We now carry three flavors of pressed juice from Pulp Kitchen Juices. Try all three flavors; Revitalize, Turmeric Sunshine, and Elevate. Each one offers a delicious blend of greens, oranges, and reds. Every juice is cold pressed giving you the most nutrition. Best of all it is a great local company!

Stay tuned for more new product updates and find our latest sales flyer online at: http://www.uppervalleyfood.coop/specials/ 

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