Hamburger Day!

Photo courtesy of Marylyn Peyden.

Photo courtesy of Marylyn Peyden.

It’s Hamburger Day tomorrow! We hope you celebrate by firing up your grill and making your favorite burger recipe! At the Co-op we carry three options for local ground beef with all three being hormone and antibiotic free. You can choose from Black Watch, Shire Beef, or Maple Lane farms. Black Watch Farm raises grass fed, grain finished, cows in Springfield Vermont.  Another option, Shire Beef Farm, raises local grass fed and finished beef right in Vershire Vermont. Our third meat producer, Maple Lane Farms gathers organic culled cows from several local dairy farmers and helps distribute the meat throughout Vermont.  You can find all three of these meat suppliers in our frozen section along with other frozen meat options! Get a chance to try some of our hamburger meat during our Anniversary Picnic Saturday June 25th, from noon-2pm!

Need inspiration to celebrate Hamburger Day? Take your burger grilling to the next level with these fun recipes:

Hamburger Bun Recipe

Korean BBQ Burger

Stuffed Cheese Burger

Quesadilla Burger

Don’t eat meat or animal products? Don’t worry, you can celebrate Burger Day with these fun vegetable based burgers:

Beet Burger

Sweet Potato Burger

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