July Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

Mad River Blue

Natural Rind Shell

Unique Taste, Creamy Texture

Mild Blue Aged Three Months

This month’s Cave to Co-op special is a Blue Cheese from von Trapp Farmstead. Von Trapp Farmstead is a three generation run local dairy farm from Waitsfield Vermont. We carry several of their cheeses right in our grocery case like Oma, a tomme like cheese,  and Mt. Alice, a bloomy rind Camembert, but we hope you take advantage of this Cave to Co-op highlight. Enjoy this Blue Cheese with a light cracker and/or paired with walnuts and apricot marmalade. Check out some delicious recipes from the Cave to Co-op website and learn more about Mad River Blue!

Moses Sleeper

Inspired by Brie

Bloomy Rind, soft Gooey Core

Versatile Pairings

July’s Farm Focus is a local brie like cheese produced by Jasper Hill Creamery. Moses Sleeper gets it’s name from Revolutionary War scout battling for hold of Bayley Hazen road. A local historical site to Jasper Hill’s legendary cheese cave. What is most exciting about this cheese is that it’s flavor stands well alone but at the same time can be paired with a wide variety of combinations in the sweet-to-savory flavor spectrum. Try this cheese with any of their Jasper Hill’s Preserves and be sure to peak at our grocery and produce department for inspiring pairings. 

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