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img_1558Try our new Olive oil made by La Riojana, cold pressed to maintain it’s buttery flavor from Arauco and Manzanilla olives. La Riojana olives are grown by many long-time farmers located in Argentina who decided to come together as a cooperative, support each other, make a great product, and give back to their community. As a Co-op who strives to support their community we love to support other cooperative that hold those same values. La Riojana invested its profits back into their community by improving fresh drinking water, bringing in medical equipment, and funding better education. Supporting workers, their families, and their community. Learn more about La Riojana and their product by reading the article “Cooperatives Grow Communities: Riojana Olive Oil” by National Co-op Grocers.

Another great company, a little closer to home, Bow & Arrow grows and processes non-gmo corn for corn products. We now carry two of their four cornmeal blends. Choose between two corns, Blue or Indian Blend, make your favorite cornbread recipe to go with your warm winter stew this cold season! Located at the base of Ute Mountain, the Colorado corner of the Four Corners Monument, the Ute Mountain tribes’ people produce this wonderful product. Learn more about their products and corn by visiting:

img_1557Looking to bake with something a little sweeter than cornmeal? Try dairy-free “rice milk chocolate” baking chips from Pascha Chocolate. Use as a vegan alternative to animal based baking chocolate. We currently carry their white chocolate flavor. Not only is it vegan but they avoid ingredients that cause other common allergies like gluten, nuts, and carrageenan. Enjoy this new product by using it in this white chocolate cocoa recipe this winter!

Looking for a cold beverage? Do you enjoy our bulk kombucha drinks? Our two latest flavors are a light Strawberry Sage and a more robust Hibiscus Ginger Lime. Bring your own bottle with the pre-measured tare weight or use one of the glass containers available. You can also use your favorite experienced container located underneath our bulk nut butters or in our dried bulk food section. Aqua ViTea is a local company located in Middlebury Vermont. Find more flavors and interesting facts on their webpage.

img_1555Our last item to mention is another cold drink option from Rebbl Super Herbs. Enjoy three flavors, Ashwaganda Chai, Reishi Chocolate, or Tumeric Golden Milk. With a blend of roots, extracts, berries, barks, and leaves, each beverage packs it’s own unique combination of flavors and nutrients. Try all three located in our beverage cooler by our front entrance!

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