Local Products

Want to try out products from our local producers and farmers? The Upper Valley Food Co-op provides lots of opportunities to sample. Every First Friday of the month we bring in local vendors to demo their tasty wares. Look for impromptu tastings during the week as well.

Our cheese department is a comprehensive sampler of local cheeses from all over Vermont and the Northeast region. We buy much of our cheeses through our neighbors in White River Junction: Provisions International. Provisions supplies many local cheeses in the region. Many of our cheeses come directly from the local producers: Cobb Hill, Neighborly Farms, Sonnental Dairy, Boggy Meadow, Jericho Hill. You can find a few imported offerings in our cheese case, but our forte is certainly the local offerings.

We frequently offer cheese samples at the Cheese Cave. Every month a new cheese goes on sale for the best affordable opportunity to try out that cheese you’ve had your eye on.

The Cave to Co-op Program is a fantastic way to try a new cheese at an affordable price. The way the program works is that each month Provisions brings all the participating Co-ops a new cheese. Provisions works with various cheese makers to promote a given product at a slightly lower cost. The tradeoff for the cheese maker is the opportunity to get their cheese out there to the public at a much greater volume. Provisions takes a lower percentage for distribution and the participating Co-ops agree to sell the product for the same price which is also at a reduced margin. There is no competition between the Co-ops in providing these sale cheeses to customers. The program truly benefits the cheese makers and the customer.

Folks providing wonderful products in HBC, demo at least once a month. Likewise you will frequently find our local grocery providers answering questions and introducing folks to their fine products. Ask Beth or Barb about upcoming demos or check FB for the latest sampling opportunities.

The Upper Valley Food Coop is proud to support many of our local farmers and producers. We carry a wide array of high quality and responsibly produced local products including:




Butter, cheese and eggs
Kefir, milk and yogurt

Baked Goods

Breads and Pizza
Snacks and desserts

Baking Products

Maple syrup


Jams and jellies
Sweets and chocolates
Chips and snacks


Herbal tinctures
Body lotions and other body care items


Fruit and vegetables in season

Look for the blue and white “Local” signs on our shelves. If you want to know the story behind any of our “local” products, be sure to ask one of our friendly and helpful staff members.