New Grab-and-Go Options

Food on the Go

Sometimes planning and packing meals for work can be hassle. Often times we get into a rut of eating the same meals for convenience. Try some of the food options below to switch up your meal routine. 

Try two new snack options like Beanfields White Bean with Sea Salt chips. A tortilla like chip made with only five ingredients navy beans, brown rice, safflower or sunflower oil, and sea salt. Looking to try something with a bit of a kick? Try Multigrain and Jalapeno Lime chips from Late July. Both products are smaller portion sizes perfect for on-the-go lunching located next to our deli cooler. Don’t forget to grab a sandwich or salad to go with your chips!

To the right of our sandwiches you will find several ready to eat meals also in our deli cooler. Try a new vegan meal, Tokyo Buckwheat Soba, from Macro Vegetarian. Get the benefits macrobiotics while enjoying a tasty noodle dish. Looking for a warm meal instead? Check out our new selection of Café Spice savory and spicy meals! Choose between six flavors of Thai or Indian seasoned chicken, beef, beans, and tofu dishes. 

We recently brought in a selection of sweet and savory breads from Manghis’ Bread. A family owned and operated business from Montpelier Vermont. Find seven variations of locally made bread right in our bread aisle! We currently have their Italian Guastelle Rolls, Anadama (traditional North East Bread), Basic White, Wholewheat, Honey Bran, High Protein, and Maple Walnut. Toast some of their savory breads and pair with another new local product Mitchells Fresh Bruchetta produced in Concord New Hampshire.

Looking for something quick to eat? Have a look at some new products for Bars on-the-go. We have three new nut bars from Evo Hemp Bars.  They are Cashew Cacao, Mango Macadamia, and Cherry Cashew. Get high protein in the form of hemp and nuts! Prefer a meat protein snack? Try our selection of Epic Bars and their latest selection of Chicken Siracha and Venison lightly seasoned with salt and pepper.

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