New Registration Process at the Co-op

Looking to register or RSVP for an event at the Co-op? We recently launched our online calendar complete with online registration and payment. This new method will streamline our enrollment process allowing you to sign-up in no time! Here are some important details to know about online registration at the Co-op:

  • You gain access to all workshop and classes at home just by looking at our online Calendar. Whether you access it through our homepage (little calendar to your right), or simply clicking on “Our Community” and then Calendar tab, you will be able to see events month-to-month. 
  • Our old method took several emails or required you be present at the Co-op. Even the payment process was a separate step. Now, with everything online, we can streamline that process to only take a few minutes of your time. 
  • All free classes or workshops will require that you RSVP online for registration.
  • For Children or Teens, you can easily fill out our enrollment form within the payment process. No need to print out and turn in forms by mail or instore!
  • Automated reminders will be sent for your convenience.
  • You can set any class or event to display on your personal ical or google calendar just by clicking the buttons of any event page.  

We hope this new method offers a simple, easy to use, registration process that can be done at your convenience! If you have any questions regarding sign up for please direct all emails to

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