October Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus- CHEESE!

Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus are both monthly highlights of local or regional cheese makers. Every month we participate in a specialty program to offer a variety of cheeses on sale to help shed more light on our wonderful selection of cheese artisans.

Cave to Co-op

Bayley Hazen Blue
Raw cow milk, natural rind
Jasper Hill Farm
Greensboro, Vermont

Jasper Hill’s Bayley Hazen Blue is made from their own whole raw milk in their underground aging facility. The cheese boasts a fudge-like texture, nutty sweetness, and subtle anise spice. The typical peppery flavor you would expect from a blue cheese is slightly subdued, putting the natural flavors of the milk at the forefront. Bayley Hazen Blue is a solid choice for seasoned blue cheese connoisseurs, but it’s also a great one to try if you’re just getting into them! Try crumbling over a salad or burger, or pair with a red dessert wine or piece of dark chocolate…


Farm Focus

Brie Button
Cow milk, creamy
Blythedale Farm
Cookeville, Vermont

Blythedale’s Brie Button is the perfect one-serving size to add to your lunch, on a salad, or paired with fruit! The creamy smooth texture is sure to melt in your mouth. The best part? Blythedale Farm’s 60 or so cows supply all the milk for Blythedale Farm’s cheeses (including the Brie Button!). All of their cheeses are made with microbial rennet and do not contain added animal enzymes. The cows have year-round outdoor access, live in clean stables, and are treated with a lot of love. Check out Beatrix the cow on the Brie Button label!

The Brie Button’s will be in at the end of this week! Keep an eye out!


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