Our Community


Your Community, Your Co-op

The heart of our Co-op, like the heart of any co-op, is its community. Our small and dedicated staff keeps things running here, but the co-op isn’t just another store. Democratic member control is one of the basic principles shared by all food-coops; anyone can become a member, and members have a say in how we do business.

More than a store

In mid-2010, we bought our 2-story building, with its attached 3-story annex. We provide space for community groups to meet or hold classes, and we have developed two rooms as spaces for other education opportunities:

Get Involved

Become a memberMembership benefits include discounts, special sales, lending library privileges and more.
Become a superworker! Earn a greater discount off your Co-op purchases and enjoy being immersed in the Co-op community on a more consistent basis. There are endless jobs available, to suit every talent and schedule. Just give us a call.

Local Issues, Global Impact

We work hard to stay on top of the issues that affect our community and the world at large. We’re frequently involved in projects relating to food production, food law, the public health, and the environment, among other topics.

From petitions to film screenings on topics including localization, the organic food movement, and GMOs, we’re proactive in our approach to issues of local and worldwide concern. By spreading the word and taking action on a community level, we can work for change on a global scale.