The Localvore Project

The Localvore Project is a coalition of localvore groups, generally in the Vermont and New Hampshire areas, formed in the fall of 2006. The Upper Valley localvores have their own home on the web: Upper Valley Localvores. Here you’ll find the project blog and summary, links, recipes, a 100-mile food zone calculator, and more.

What is a Localvore?

A localvore is someone who focuses on eating locally grown foods. Localvore groups have often been launched with a challenge to eat only foods grown within a 100-mile radius of home, for a week, a month, or other specified time.

The 100-mile diet is a chance to learn more about foods grown and raised locally, experiment with substitutions for foods that are missing (ex. substituting wheat berries or rye berries for rice) and support the development of a more sustainable regional food system.

The Upper Valley Food Co-op labels food grown in VT with a blue “LOCAL” label to make it easy for Localvores to find locally grown foods at the co-op. We also co-sponsor a community garden at Ratcliffe Park in White River Jct.; the garden offers a space for people to garden together to promote local resilience.

Resources for Upper Valley Localvores

  • Vital Communities’ Valley Food & Farm has an online guide to locally grown food, including info on farms, CSAs, farmers markets, community gardens, etc. One can also subscribe to their enews “Tidbits” and read the blog Farmanac.
  • Catamount Earth Institute offers discussion courses that raise awareness to food issues (Menu for the Future, Healthy Children Healthy Planet, Choices for Sustainable Living, etc)
  • Vermont’s Local Banquet is a seasonal publication published 4 times/year available for free at the Co-op. It focuses on VT agriculture and local eating, with an online archive of articles from past years.
  • Upper Valley Farm to School Network is a group of farmers, teachers, parents, students and community members working to integrate local farms and food into school cafeterias, classrooms and communities in Vermont and New Hampshire’s Connecticut River Upper Valley.
  • The Mad River Valley Localvore Project offers recipes, news and events.
  • Post Oil Solutions is a community organizing initiative fostering a more sustainable Windham County through community gardens, cooking and canning classes, farm to school programs, farmers markets, etc.
  • Solstice Seeds is a local seed catalog of seeds grown out by Sylvia Davatz of Hartland, VT. She takes orders through June. To read an informative article about Sylvia’s garden from our very own Sharon Mueller, see this 2008 article in Vermont’s Local Banquet.

If you would like to subscribe to the Upper Valley Localvores mailing list and receive weekly mailings of local food events, issues, and recipes, contact mcgovern.patricia(at)gmail.com