Annual Meeting Highlights

The Annual Meeting was held at the Bugbee Senior Center, our neighbors across the street. Their facility was just what we needed to hold a great party with little fuss. If you didn’t make the meeting, enjoy these snaps of the festivities. Many fine folks attended, including the General Management Team, board members, staff, Superworkers and of […]

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Check out the Fall Issue of our Newsletter!

Here’s an article from the latest newsletter. It was written by our summer community garden intern, Sarah Sincerbeaux. She was a fantastic asset for us. This is the story of three little carrots who met one day on a plate. The first little carrot was fat and straight and bright orange.  He boasted about how […]

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Run for Our Board of Directors!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our Board of Directors! We’re thrilled that you are interested in joining us. This candidate packet provides some information about the board’s role and the work we do, and contains all the materials you need to apply for the UVFC Board. (more…)

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Sylvia’s Farm Tour

Solstice Seeds Saturday, July 20th proved to be the perfect weather for our UVFC Farm Tour at the garden of Sylvia Davatz. Sylvia is a local grower and seedsaver. She formed her own seedsaving company, Solstice Seeds, in Hartland Vermont. We are lucky enough to get a peak and guided tour of her gardens and […]

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Tomato Recipes

It is the first week of June and following the calendar a local friend has put together, I am hardening off tomato seedlings and thinking of my mother. It is because of her that I am planting seeds, watching them grow, and reaping what I sow. This time last year, we were spending our first […]

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Community Garden: A Garden of Intentions

When I began thinking about setting intentions and the community garden I immediately started down a path of guilt around incompletion, missed opportunities, and all of the ways that I could have done more or better. It is often easier to see how I could have done something differently instead of focusing on all the […]

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The Sew-op was started a few years back with the in- tention of offering the Upper Valley community a place to learn and practice traditional fiber arts. We hoped to build upon that old New England saying about making do and using-up by teaching people how to make, mend and upcycle cloth goods. And we’re […]

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