The Upper Valley Food Co-op is a place that reflects the local season in many ways. Well beyond the business of watching traditional American Holidays come and go, we are very conscious of Nature’s cycles. As you enter our store you will notice the latest flowers, plants and perennials from local farmers and growers. Even as the sun moves lower you will find holiday wreaths and swags from local materials.

You will find the freshest local veggies in season in the Produce Department. It is always fun to watch the produce signs turn colors from green (organic) to blue(Local). Our Produce Managers work very hard to bring us the local options as soon as they are available, to replace or give balance to the options from further afield. This inherently means a better tasting, fresher product.

There are many Local Producers represented on our shelves, utilizing seasonal fruits and vegetables. Witness the Maple Syrup and Honey supplies ebb and flow with the natural cycles. The question on everyone’s mind in February: “Will it be a good sugaring season”

The Sweet Lilac Deli offers wonderful items at the Hot Bar using seasonal veggies. Look for root vegetable dishes in the winter and Gazpacho in the summer. Our Deli Manager conjures up wonderful dishes to compliment your inner clock’s cravings.

The Cheese cave provides a multitude of options that change with the lactation cycles of the dairy animals. Note that some goat and sheep cheeses are not available year round. There is a dip in supply as the kidding/lambing season rolls around. Mamas are making milk for their babies and the milk supply is renewed.

Come to the Co-op and set you watch as the colors change, the soups get warmer, and the cheese grow sharper.