Mission Statement:

To serve as an educational hub for community members of all ages to learn fiber crafts, donate and repurpose gently used materials, and empower people through skillbuilding.

The Sew-op is open to fiber crafters of any sort and supports any skill level. We are a community of sewists, quilters, knitters, crocheters, rug makers, reusers, experimenters, teachers and students. We have classes and workshops for kids and adults. Class and Open Hours information can be found within the Upper Valley Food Co-op’s  full calendar on our website and on the bulletin board in the Co-op dining area as well as throughout the store.

All classes are led by experienced instructors. Let us know you are interested in a particular class and we will put you on the list. When we reach a critical mass of participants we will offer the class. We will then confirm your interest and availability!
Cost: $20 fee for members, $25 non-members, $30 parent/child or sibling team, unless otherwise indicated. Registration required.

Open Hours  

A place where adults can bring their sewing (or other craft) projects and work on them using the machines and supplies available. Experienced sewists on hand for light assistance and advice. Ages 14 and up. $5 donation gratefully accepted to support the use of the Sew-op room.

*Open Hours Schedule For April:
Wednesday,  6th         1-3pm
Thursday,      7th          5:30-7:30pm
Wednesday,  13th       1-3pm
Wednesday,  20th       1-3pm
Wednesday,  27th       1-3pm
Quilting Hours  

Quilting Group/ Friday April 8th, Saturday April 23rd, Friday April 29th 1pm-3pm
Meet during “Quilting hours” to work on your quilts with Marga Huntington, an experienced quilt instructor. She will assist you in the next steps of your quilting projects. Permission of instructor is required to join these open hours. $5 donation gratefully accepted to support the use of the Sew-op room. To sign up send email at


*April Class Schedule

Kid’s Classes:

Basic Sewing for Kids w/ Sally Munro Saturday, April 9th, 9am-noon

Kid’s Basic Sewing ProjectA one-time session on basic sewing where kids can learn how to set up and use a sewing machine. Throughout this class we will also discuss safety and rules for class participants. Registration required: $25 for members, $30 for non-members. Class limited to four students, ages 8 to 13.  Two student minimum to hold a class.


Kids Making Doll Clothes: Spring Outfit w/ Sally Munro Monday, April 11th; or Tuesday, April 12th 10am-noon

Attend either session of this class. Children will learn to run the sewing machine and will make a  doll outfit that fits an 18 inch or to fit an American Girl size doll. They will make a spring dress for their doll. Class size is limited to 4 students per session, ages 8 to 12. **Registration required: $20 for members, $25 for non-members, $30 for sibling team. Class limited to four students.


Classes for Adults: 

Alterations w/ Rebecca Weber Sunday, April 10th,  from 1-3pm

Learn general principles and methods as well as limitations to changes that can be made. This class is tailored to the interests of the people present, so bring clothing you’d like to alter and a mental list of skills you’d like to acquire. **Basic sewing skills will be assumed.


Basic Sewing for Adults w/ Martha McDaniel Monday, April 25th, 5:30-7:30pm

MACHINE SEWING: LEVEL 1 Learn the basics of sewing machines and how to operate them; basics of fabric; and how to pin and sew seams. You will make a simple project to take home. Machines and all supplies are provided. Ages 14 and up. $20 per UVFC member, $25 for non-members


Denim Mania w/ Jenn Lynn Saturday, April 30th, 1-4pm

Give new life to an old pair of jeans by turning it into something else. Learn what is possible, sew-up a quick project, and go home with plans and ideas for other projects in this 3 hour class. We have plenty of jeans for you to use, or you can bring your own. **Basic Sewing or sewing experience required. **Registration required: $25 for members, $30 for non-members.


Sign up for Sew Op! here. You can also use this form to let us know what classes you’d like to see offered at the Sew-op.



Is knitting a craft you are more interested in learning? Check out our neighbor White River Yarns, down the street from us, at 49 South Main Street. Take a look at their website to see all of their latest class offerings




Take a virtual tour at the bottom of which you will find directions to our facility.

Learn more about the Sew-op History and Sew-op staff and volunteers.


Routine Offerings at the Sew-op

Open Hours

Drop into the sew-op workroom and see what’s going on. People can bring their sewing projects and work on them using the machines and supplies available. Experienced sewists are on hand for help and advice. Occasionally we’ll have themes but all projects are welcome. Donations are gratefully accepted. No registration required.

  • Open Hours are available for anyone who has taken a Basic Sewing class or has similar experience. If you are looking for light assistance or simply a place to work then Open Hours are for you.
  • If you cannot attend a class but would like hands-on assistance with a project, please ask about setting up a private class.

Basic Sewing

Our most popular class! This two-hour introductory class will teach the basics of sewing machines and how to operate them; the basics of fabric; and how to pin and sew seams. You will make a simple project that you can take home. The sewing machines and all supplies are provided. Completion of this class is advised for those who want to attend Open Studio Hours but have no prior knowledge of sewing machines. No materials required. handout provided. Teacher: various.


Learn the basics of altering your clothes to fit you.

Hand Embroidery

Come learn some basic embroidery stitches and ideas for their use, and take home an instructional handout. We will start with the basics: fabric and thread, embroidery hoops and stitching evenly. We’ll practice on some of the Sew-Op’s fabric stash. Finally we’ll look at examples of accents, art pieces, and functional stitching made decorative via embroidery. Bring something you would like to embroider and we’ll brainstorm the possibilities. Taught by Rebecca.


In this two-part class, learn the fundamentals of crochet: how to manage the yarn and hook, make key stitches, change yarn, and finish off your work. You’ll learn about yarn tension, gauge, and pattern reading, how to count stitches and identify their parts, and how to increase and decrease the number of stitches in a row. Small projects along the way will solidify each skill before the next is added, and you’ll take home additional patterns to practice between and after the classes.

No background needed; Crochet 1 is required for participation in Crochet 2. Supplies: Please bring crochet hooks, a J or K is ideal for the first class (6 or 6.5 mm), and an F or G for the second (3.75 or 4.25 mm). Otherwise all materials and supplies will be provided.

Draft Your Own Skirt

Come and sew a custom-fit skirt just in time for warm weather! Learn to draft your own pattern from a few measurements to sew a simple a-line or draw-string skirt. Pattern materials provided. Bring your own fabric or use some of ours.

Quick Quilts for Beginners

Always wanted to make a quilt, but didn’t know where to start? Started a quilt, but ended up with just an expensive pile of fabric in a bag somewhere? Well here’s a different kind of class that will change all of that. You don’t even need to have any sewing experience. Get individualized attention as you select your fabric, rotary cut it into strips, and build the blocks using the fast and easy technique of strip-piecing. You’ll be guided through putting on the borders, creating the quilt “sandwich” of top, batting, and backing, tying it all together, and finishing it off with a bias binding. Four meeting times will be arranged  according to individual schedules. Teacher: Marga Huntington.  Prerequisites: none. Ages: Adults.

Quilting Hours

Meet during “Quilting Hours” to work on your quilts with an experienced instructor. These hours are scheduled with the instructor, Marga Huntington. She will assist you in the next steps of your quilting project. Permission of instructor required. Suggested donation: $5.00 to help to sustain Sew-op programs.


Children’s Classes

The Sew-Op is an exciting place for kids to explore the fun of learning a new craft. In the children’s classes kids learn some basic functions of the sewing machine, are provided practice sessions to learn to run the sewing machine and then make something on the machine to take home. The Sew-Op provides the sewing machines and materials for classes. Some of the items the kids make are bags, 18-inch doll clothes and holiday ornaments. Classes are scheduled during school vacations and on Saturdays with some options for homeschoolers on weekdays. Come explore the excitement of a new adventure in sewing. Watch for the class displays on the sign up board.

American Girl Doll Clothes

Doll Clothes

A sewing class geared especially for children! Students will make a sundress for an 18 inch or American Girl doll. The skills to learn will be side seams, sew a cashing on a hem and string ribbon as well as sew on a lace hem. All materal will be provided in this 2 hour class. Dolls are welcome to attend. Class size is limited to 4 students per session, ages 8 to 10.

Basic Sewing for Kids

This class consists of two sessions on basic sewing. In this class you will learn the parts of the sewing machine and their function. You will learn how to thread the machine and the bobbin, how to change the needles on the machine, and how to control the speed of your sewing. In the first class we will focus on how the sewing machine is operated. The second class will include how to change the stitch length, how to tell the grain of the fabric, and a little about different fabrics. A list of skills is provided in order to give you an overview of this 2 part basic sewing class. Throughout this class we will also discuss safety and rules for class participants.

Our Current Sew-op Staff


Rebecca Weber


Rebecca Weber started learning to sew and embroider in grade school, costume in high school, alter clothing in college, and crochet more recently. She enjoys experimenting with and teaching familiar crafts and trying new ones. Her favorite crafting question is “How can we make this work?”




Sally Munro

Sally is a retired Registered Nurse with a major of Home Economics in High School where she developed her skills in Sewing. For the past 20 years she has taught children and adults how to sew.

Sally has taken several quilting classes and made many quilts. Currently she sells handmade craft items and clothing in a local craft shop. Op.

Sally became a member of the Sew-Op Teacher’s group three years ago and teaches children’s classes, private classes and adult classes in sewing at the Sew-Op. Sally has been a resident of White River Junction for 42 years.



Martha McDaniel


Martha counts herself lucky that her mother taught her to sew as she was growing up.  Today, she loves to conserve materials, sew and knit useful items, and braid rugs out of previously used or discarded wool.

Apart from the Sew-Op, she’s a retired surgeon (unrelated kind of sewing) and medical school professor, and enthusiastic gardener who prefers to be outside whenever possible.



Marga Huntington

At an early age Marga learned to sew doll clothes from scraps left from outfits her mother made for her and her 3 sisters. During high school and college, Marga worked in a large fabric store in central Massachusetts and sewed clothing for herself, family, and friends.

A move to Maine in 1986 introduced her to quilting which gave her a new outlet for her love of color and textiles. A retired social worker, Marga also owned a quilt shop in Portland, ME. where she first began teaching quilting to non-sewers. Over the years she has taught children and adults at recreation centers, fabric stores, and privately. Before she even moved to Quechee, Vermont a year ago, Marga knew she wanted to be part of the Sew-Op.

Marga has a son and a daughter as well as a 3-year-old granddaughter Madelyn, who is just embarking on her sewing journey gluing Nana’s fabric scraps onto paper to make “quilts”.



Kye Cochran

Kye doesn’t remember when she learned how to sew, but it was probably in Home Ec class in junior high school (as it was called way back then).  She does remember the thrill of figuring out how to make a stuffed horse by drawing onto cloth, cutting it out, hand-sewing it, turning it inside out and stuffing it with something or other.  It was a life-changing discovery.  The horse looked hilarious, and actually lasted a long time.

Much more recently, when Kye was managing the co-op, she was again thrilled with something to do with sewing: several people, including her sister and her cousin, worked together with other dedicated and talented people to create, using only their energy and enthusiasm and various donated and re-used materials, the wonderful Sew-op we have now.

Kye also learned very basic rug-braiding from a friend in the good old days, and enjoys teaching others this flexible and relatively simple craft.



Paige Sargent


Birdie Emerson

Jenn Lynn

Jenn Lynn







Local Links to Area Crafters and Resources:

Upper Valley Fiber Crafts is a blog created and contributed to by Sew-op instructors, Jennifer Lynn and Rebecca Weber.

White River Yarns is a wonderful shop in Downtown White River which carries an abundance of yarn, an array of classes and products for the fiber lover.