Stay Warm with Fair Trade or Local Winter Wear!

us-sherpa-collageUS Sherpa is a Vermont company partnering with Nepalese producers to create fair trade wearable goods. We carry a variety of winter wear both knitted and woven products. We have woven scarves in lighter cottons or heavy wool. A selection of colorful or neutral matching hat and gloves. US Sherpa gloves have mitten, and fingerless options, as well as your usual five-finger glove. Stop by the Co-op’s front end to find a wide selection of US Sherpa products and visit their webpage to learn more!

lost-horizons-collageYou can also find a selection of knitted goods from Lost Horizons. Our selection of their colorful sweaters has expanded. In addition to the usual hand and head gear, we now have matching glove and mitten sets for kiddos or teens, and cozy boot cuffs or leggings to choose from. Lost Horizons is also a Fair Trade company supporting producers and makers in Nepal. Find many Lost Horizons winter wear in our gift section and around the Co-op’s front end. Learn more about Lost Horizons by visiting their website.

smitten-collageIf you are looking for a local options you can take a look at our selection of mittens from Smitten in Vermont. Beth Loiselle, hand-crafter and business owner of Smitten in Vermont, creates upcycled winter wear from already made wool clothing. Using her creative talents, Beth blends a variety of knitted fabrics, stitches them together into hats and mittens, and boils them causing the wool to felt. What you are left with is a one-of-a-kind mitten or hat, with the added benefit of extra warmth from a felted piece of wool.  

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