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Pizza Party Day and Game Night!

Next week is Pizza Party Day! In celebration of this awesome event we will be sampling pizza throughout the day. Stop by the Co-op in the afternoon and check out our demo station with Half Baked Pizza Company to try some slices. Half Baked Pizza creates gmo-free pizza using homemade and fresh ingredients. Ready-made pizzas […]

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Bee Pollen

Localvore: Supporting Your Local Food Supply

What is a Localvore and how does UVFC participate in supporting that lifestyle? A localvore is a person whose meal choices are based on locally grown and produced foods. Being a localvore means making the decision to support the local economy, to have more influence over the ecological impact of food resources, to maintain consumer empowerment […]

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Focusing on the Long Game

What makes Co-ops unique is the way we approach the triple bottom line. When we think about our retail business in the context of nurturing our community we recognize that reciprocity needs to be long term. When we make motions to lessen our impact on the environment it informs our product choices.  We can’t help […]

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The Member Library is Open

The Member Library is Open and you’re invited! What: Our library of over 200 books and 50 dvds on topics including alternative energy, social action, organic gardening, and natural health is one of the best in the Upper Valley. It’s also home to Co-op newsletters, periodicals and other resources. Where: The Member Library is located upstairs […]

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