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April Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

Invierno Yellow Flowered Rind Blended Sheep and Cow’s Milk Cheese Sweet and Herbal Notes Try this month’s Cave to Co-op highlight Invierno from Vermont Sheppard. Stored in their red door cheese cave this cheese is aged 5-6 months using both sheep and cows’ milk. The combination of the two milk blend leaves the cheese with a […]

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Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

Experience Cheese Hand-Made from Jersey Cow’s Milk Supple with Stout Washed Rind Try this month’s Cave to Co-op options Experience from Consider Bardwell Farm. Located in West Pawlet Vermont, this local cheese company is one of the oldest cheese making co-ops in Vermont. Enjoy Experience cheese on your next cheese plate or incorporate it in […]

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November Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

Enjoy Vermont Creamery Double-Cream Cremont, November’s Cave to Co-op special! Made with aged cow and goat milk, this luscious cheese is perfect for any cheese board for your holiday entertaining. Pair this creamy cheese with your favorite crusty bread and fig jam. Try a savory pairing by following the recipes from Neighboring Food Co-op Association.  November’s […]

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October Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

The October Cave to Co-op option is a unique Gouda created by Shadagee farmstead in Craftsbury Vermont. Titled, Vermont Artisan Gouda, this cow’s milk cheese is sweet and creamy in taste. Enjoy this cheese in several different recipes on the Neighboring Food Co-op’s webpage!  This months Farm Focus is Kunik from Nettle Meadow Farm. Kunik is a semi-aged […]

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September Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

This month’s Cave to Co-op option is a Blue Cheese, Mad River Blue, from Von Trapp Farmstead. This cheese is aged from organic unpasteurized Cow’s milk. It carries a mild blue flavor with a creamy texture. Pair this cheese with your favorite cracker and sweet jam like our Cider Jelly. The Farm Focus cheese is […]

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August Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

Our Cave to Co-op offering is a favorite to many of our Co-op staff, Harbison, by Jasper Hill Farm’s.  This gooey cheese is made with cow’s milk, surrounded in bark-wrapped bloomy rind, soft creamy center, and aged in 6-13 weeks. Enjoy this spreadable cheese paired with a hearty bread or on top of Jan’s Farmhouse Crackers, Cranberry Pistachio […]

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July’s Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

Our Cave to Co-op offering is Grafton Organic Clothbound Cheddar. Grafton Village Cheese company started out as a cooperative to support local dairy farmers while continuing the tradition of Vermont Cheese making. This cheddar is made with hormone free cow’s milk, wrapped in cheese cloth, and aged in Grafton’s cheese cave for over six months. Get […]

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May Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

May’s Cave to Co-op is a natural rind, semi-soft cheese, from raw cow’s milk. Named Crawford after the family who runs Scapeland Farm that provides the cow’s milk to produce this cheese. Crawford is made in the winter months, at Twig Farm in West Cornwall Vermont, and aged for 75 days. Just in time for Spring! Keep it […]

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February Cave to Co-op and Farm Focus Cheese

       This month’s Cave to Co-op is a nutty cheese, Ale House Cheddar, from Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company. Soaking  in Harpoon’s Munich Dark and IPA brew during this cheeses’ curd stage lends to the ale flavor of this cheese. Use this in place of any cheddar to add flavor to your meal or have it paired […]

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