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It’s the Year of Alternative Living! UVFC just turned 41 in June!

Current Issue:

Spring 2017: Year of Alternative Living ~ Alternative Economics: Beg, Steal & Borrow

Upcoming Issues:

Summer 2017: Year of Alternative Living ~ Alternative Energy & Transportation: “How Did I Get Here?”

Holiday 2017: Year of Alternative Living ~ Alternative Materials: Trash vs. Treasure

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Past Issues:

Holiday 2016: Year of Celebration ~ Celebration & Gratitude


Birthday 2016: Year of Celebration ~ Birth, Earth & Stewardship: Taking Care of Each Other

Winter 2016: Year of Celebration ~ Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Holiday 2015: Year of the Diet ~ Localvore, Omnivore…Eaters One and All

Summer 2015: Year of the Diet ~ You Say Vegan, I Say Vegetarian

Spring 2015: Year of the Diet ~ Seeds, Grains & Gluten

Winter 2015: Year of the Diet ~ Nutrition, Diversity & Dairy

November/December 2014: Hibernation

September/October 2014: Roots

July/August 2014 Raw Food: The Benefits of Going Back to Basics

May/June 2014 Cultivation: Nurturing Sustainable Growth

March/April 2014 Grafting: Making and Keeping Connections

January/February 2014 Pruning: Shaping the Future by Looking Forward and Backward

November/December 2013 Recycling/Repurposing

September/October 2013 FairTrade/Clean Food

July-August 2013 The Glut

May/June 2013 Seedstarting

January/February 2013 Intentions

November/December 2012 Food Traditions

September/October 2012 Local Grain Growing

Summer 2012 Pollination

Spring 2012 Backyard Gardening

Winter 2012 Living with Germs and Viruses

Fall 2011 Climate Change

Summer 2011 Transport

Spring 2011 (unavailable online)

Winter 2011 Plastics and Packaging

Fall 2010 Elders in Our Community

Summer 2010 Youth in Our Communities

Spring 2010 Community Centers

Winter 2010 Light

Fall 2009 Weaving for the Future