The Year of Celebration moves into the Year of Alternative Living

2017 is upon us. This coming year asks us to be creative and expansive in spirit. It will require us to check in with ourselves and perhaps shift our perspectives. How will we do this? How can we embrace change with less fear?

2016 asked us to get to know each other. It illuminated some truths, both unpleasant and vivid. We have come to know our neighbors more intimately, to better understand the struggles of others (who may or may not share similar viewpoints) and to discover what matters to us most. We celebrated our communities– by honoring each other, by protesting peacefully, and by applauding the efforts of folks who work for the benefit of many.

We celebrated each other this year. Now we can look toward ourselves and review our goals, challenge our own beliefs and alter our trajectories. What will we find on the roads less traveled? What will we learn from walking in someone else’s shoes? 2017 will give us the opportunity to grow a new reality by holding reverence for all the people on the path, no matter their pace. Gratitude is an excellent guide so we can thank 2016 for all the lessons it gave and turn to 2017 with a renewed willingness to adjust our collective course. We are all on the same great, wide path. Where would you like it to lead?

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