Upcoming Events

Desperate to get out of the house? Come to the Co-op and check out our upcoming events!

Jaquelyn Rieke will be returning on January 31st at 6pm for Cracks in the Wall, a talk on relationships in business and her experiences building Nutty Steph’s Granola and Chocolate Company.

In February we’ll be having our monthly First Friday with free vendor samples from Liberty chocolate and our friend Judi, and 5% off everything in the store from 4 to 6pm. We will also hear from one of our Antioch interns who is working on the question of GMO labeling. Stop by and talk to Sarah about your concerns and understanding of GMOs in Vermont.

On February 12th at 6pm, guest presenter Robert Rockwood will be joining us for a discussion on Understanding Beauty Products. He’ll arm you with insider information to help you select products that are good for you.

On Valentine’s Day the Co-op will be hosting our annual SuperWorker Appreciation Day. Stop by to mingle with your fellow volunteers and take home a gift from the Co-op.  This is from 4 to 6pm in our back room.

There’s lots happening at the Co-op. Next time you are in on’t forget to check the bulletin boards and sign-up sheets at the front end!

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