Update and Invitation from our Antioch Interns

At the First Friday event on April 4, the Antioch Team displayed several different designs for their GMO grading system that will soon be implemented at the Co-op. This Grading system will be in the Grocery Department with some of its products being evaluated and receive an A, B, or C based on their potential presence or absence of GMO ingredients. Customers who stopped by at the table at this month’s First Friday event were asked to choose their top two favorite designs along with their least favorite design. The customers were also asked to provide any additional feedback on the designs, so that the Antioch Team could use the most clear and appropriate design for their GMO grading system at the Co-op.


Overall, customers preferred the designs that were most clear and obvious as to what grade was being selected, meaning those that had letters with size differentiation and a bold font. Also grades that were circled or had bold borders were favored over the others. The color of the background and the color of the letters were also evaluated and most customers selected the design with pastel colors as their favorite. It was also suggested that bright and appealing colors would be the most understandable for the design.

This event was a huge success and helped the Antioch Team understand what customers and employees at the Co-op thought about the designs. This feedback will be factored into the final design of the GMO grading system and soon customers will get to see the results in the store! The purpose of this grading system is to serve the members of the Co-op and help them make more informed choices with regard to GMOs when shopping at the Co-op.

The launch of the GMO grading system will be held at the Co-op from 5:30pm-7:00pm on Earth Day, April 22. Please come to learn more and ask any questions!


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