What have we been up to? Business, Beauty Products & Gratitude

by Larissa Banwell

Cracks in the Wall

The Co-op was excited to welcome back Nutty Steph’s founder Jaquelyn Rieke for a talk on relationships in business. The event was held in the seating area downstairs and the casual atmosphere allowed for a fluid discussion of each attendee’s experiences in the business world. Jaquelyn shared her own experiences as a business owner and the obstacles she faces turning her business into a worker cooperative, while also sharing tasty samples of her chocolate. Check our calendar for upcoming events!


Robert Rockwood of Replenish Plus

Last Wednesday Robert Rockwood, of Replenish Plus skin care, stopped by the Co-op to give an informative talk on commercial beauty products. He shared his experiences with the processing side of the skin care industry, most especially the lack of regulations in the industry and how companies are able to skirt around the few regulations that do exist, easily including hundreds of toxic ingredients in every bottle and jar.

He explained why lipsticks are allowed to get away with 65 times the amount of lead that is legal for paint, and why sunscreen actually increases your chance of getting skin cancer. I’m sure you’re dying to know the logic behind that, so I’ll tell you. In order to be effective at all you would have to apply half a bottle of sunscreen every half an hour. Otherwise the heat from the sun breaks down the chemicals in the lotion turning them into free radicals, you know, the things that cause cancer. When you apply just a thin layer, the UV rays aren’t being blocked, plus the chemicals turn into free radicals more quickly!

If you’re bummed you missed the talk and you’d like to be notified the next time we offer a similar one just leave a comment at the bottom. Robert is also working on a book about all the dirty secrets of the skin care industry, so keep an eye out for that!


SuperWorker Appreciation Day!

Our SuperWorker Appreciation Day was a success! Thank you to everyone who came, and especially to the staff and SuperWorkers who brought food for nibbling on. The Co-op lives on the shoulders of the community; staff, SuperWorkers, and patrons alike. Thank you to everyone who contributes to holding up the Co-op, you are truly appreciated.

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