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In our General Merchandise department we focus on offering products that are environmentally-friendly. This means recyclable and bio-degradable products and packaging; sustainable sourcing; avoiding the use of harsh chemicals or unnecessary dyes or fragrances; and more!

UVFC Household Products


We carry kitchen, bathroom, and cleaning products that are gentle and eco-friendly. We have sponges and trash bags made from recycled materials, scent-free dryer balls, and so much more!

UVFC Feminine Care


Our disposable Feminine Care products are mostly organic, and we also carry washable pads and menstrual cups. 

UVFC Pet Care


On our pet care shelves you'll find trust-worthy pet products, including food and litter, as well as supplements and other remedies that are safe for our furry friends. Don't forget to check out our selection of locally-made doggie treats!

UVFC Baby Products


On our shelves you'll find baby food jars, pouches, snacks, and formula. We also have a variety of baby remedies and body care products, such as teething gels and diaper creams, in our Health and Body Department.

(A heads up: We don't currently have a good selection of diapers.)

Are you a vendor? Get in touch with our Gen Merch Department by sending an email to

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