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Our Grocery Department carries a varied selection of organic, GMO-free, Fair Traded, gluten-free, and locally produced products. We strive to uphold a variety of principles, which are both meaningful and flexible, when making decisions about what products to purchase for resale to our members and customers. Our product selection guidelines support all our buying decisions and show our strong preference for items that are:

- Organic

- Locally grown/produced

- GMO-free and non-irradiated

- Preservative and artificial additive-free

- Fair Traded

- Minimally packaged

- As competitively priced as possible

Grocery includes the sub-departments of Cheese and Bakery.

May 2023 Cheese Special

Products on our Shelves:
Kimchi and Sauerkraut

FinAllie Ferments honors traditional fermentation processes, but we maintain our own unique flavors. Each recipe begins as an experiment. Though we’re inspired by the rich history of ferments from around the world, we honor the ingredients available in our bioregion. Everything is fermented in oak barrels and ceramic crocks, never in plastic, ensuring complex flavors. Our products are always raw and free of vinegar, so every jar delivers the beneficial bacteria and micro-nutrients your gut requires.
Our top priority is not profit growth, but the growth and accessibility of the culture in our bodies and community. Our motto, “Cultivating Culture,” means bending down and reaching deep into the soil of our collective existence, honoring the inherited traditions and wisdom of our elders, and passing them on to those around us. 

Visit their website to learn more!

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