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(Why the "almost"? Sometimes we have produce that isn't organic, but don't worry! We take special care when sourcing our produce. Local produce in particular tends to lack the official organic stamp, but we make sure the growing method is eco-logical (formerly known as uncertified organic) or IPM, which stands for Integrated Pest Management. Find out more about IPM here.)

Our Produce Department is one of the highlights of our co-op! We have a long history of working with local farmers of certified organic and eco-logical (formerly known as uncertified organic). We always choose the closest sources, like concentric rings: from the rhubarb delivered by foot from across the street, to local and state, US, and then other countries. We include these locations on our signs to give customers knowledge of where their food is coming from. Blue ‘local’ signs are a clear indication to the many localvores in our area that these products meet their needs.

But we don’t just blindly choose local and organic produce to sell, accepting organic certification without question. Our managers pay attention to how these fruits and veggies are grown, asking questions to make sure the produce is grown as responsibly as possible. Hydroponics, for instance, can be labeled certified organic, but it means that the produce has been grown in water instead of soil, and doesn’t support the heart of "Organic", which is to care for the soil and the land. We have chosen not to sell hydroponically grown produce, even if it’s local and organic. 

It’s no wonder customers love and trust our selection of fruits and veggies! 

UVFC Produce Department.jpg
UVFC Produce Department

Because of this dedication by our produce staff to provide the best possible selection of produce, it’s no wonder Produce is one of our fastest growing departments. In 2019 our produce department was recognized by National Cooperative Grocers as the 2nd fastest growing produce department in the Eastern Corridor, with an amazing 26% sales growth! 


Yes! It is possible to place a special order for fruits and veggies. Talk to a Produce staff person to find out more.

UVFC Seeds

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also find garden SEEDS in our Produce Department! Here are the various garden supplies you can get through our co-op:

Seed packets available year around (including FEDCO and High Mowing Seeds)

Seed Onions and Seed Potatoes available in the Spring

Starter Plants available in the Spring

Compost and Potting Soil available in the Spring and Summer

Garden Gloves and Watering Cans can be found in our Gift Department

UVFC Garden Supplies.jpg

Are you a vendor? Get in touch with our Produce Department by sending an email to

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