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Mission & Ends
Our Mission Statement

The Upper Valley Food Co-op is a community-supported natural foods market which promotes the local economy, is committed to sustainability, and enriches lives through education.

Our Ends Policy

Our co-op will be central to a resilient and connected Upper Valley community. Because of all that we do, people in the Upper Valley will have: 


  1. Access to healthful, affordable food

  2. A supportive market for local farmers and producers

  3. Education and resources for sustainable, healthful practices

  4. A place for community connection

Upper Valley Food Co-op
is a proud member of...
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Are you in need of support? 

Here are just a few of the many organizations in the Upper Valley that offer support to anyone who could use a helping hand. Whether it's food, housing, employment, recovery, or something else, there's a group out there that wants to help.

Have time to Volunteer?

These same organizations are always looking for volunteers! Now's the time to reach out and support your neighbors!

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UV Haven.png

Do I have to be a member to shop?

Nope! Everyone is welcome to shop at our co-op. Becoming a member gives you certain benefits that you can learn about HERE, but it is not a requirement for shopping.

Do you accept credit cards? Is there a minimum charge required?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do NOT accept American Express. There is no minimum charge.

What is the cost of Membership? What are the benefits?

Check out our Membership Page to answer all your membership questions.


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