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Our co-op is open to everyone!

Membership is not required to shop with us.

Anyone who would like to become a member is welcome!


Membership is by household. When you sign up for a membership, every member of your household is included and receives member benefits.

Membership is for life. Rather than an annual fee, we have a flat membership fee. Once your membership is “Paid in Full” we’ll never ask you for money again.

Membership is $100, or $25 over four years. Our flat membership fee is $100 but we understand that many people can’t afford that upfront cost, so we offer the option to pay in annual $25 installments. Once you’ve reached $100 you are considered “Paid in Full”. Paying in installments does not limit your membership benefits. Please inquire about our Membership Scholarship program by emailing

Membership can be withdrawn at any time. Membership is considered an investment in the co-op, and as such it may be withdrawn at any time. If you move away or decide for another reason that you no longer need your membership, you can withdraw your investment in the co-op.


We all get a store! There is no “Big Boss” that owns the Upper Valley Food Co-op. A co-op is owned by the membership. All the things you like about our store exist only because we invest the money to create it.

10 for 10 Punch Card. Each time you shop at the co-op you receive punches towards a 10% discount. You can use the discount as soon as you reach that 10th punch, or you can save it for a big shopping trip. While it is possible to save up multiple 10% discount punches, only one may be used per shopping trip. 

Member Sales & Inventory Sales. Every month we offer special sales that are just for members. This is in additional to the Co-op Deals that are for all customers. We also have an Inventory Sale on the last two days of every quarter (March, June, September, December). This sale is for members only and offers up to a 15% discount. The more you buy, the more you save!

Vote! As a member of the co-op, you have a voice! You can vote in our annual election of the Board of Directors, or even run for the Board! The Board of Directors is the democratically-elected group of members who help plan the co-op’s future and ensure that the co-op is meeting its Mission Statement and Ends Policy.

Supporting your community! By joining the co-op you’re supporting the local farmers and vendors who sell through our store. You’re also supporting the programs that we host, including sewing and gardening classes, community forums, and more!


Interested in becoming a member? The application only takes a minute to fill out and can be found in-store by the front registers. Bring the completed application through the register with your shopping purchase. Your cashier will walk you through the rest of the process!

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